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Change Has Come a Knockin’ – Let Her In and Embrace Her

I was once told that if you are not on the right path in your life (job, marriage, etc.), the universe will tap you on the shoulder. This tap is received in the form of clues like your boss being difficult or fighting with your mate. If you ignore the tap on the shoulder, you […]

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Blubber it all out: The 7 Benefits of Crying after Heartbreak

True Story… My boss glanced at the space on my shirt where I had failed to replace a fallen button. Appearance was just another casualty of my broken heart. I tried to redirect his attention with questions about the upcoming sales meeting, but then it happened. Without forewarning, the waterworks began. That’s right – I […]

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Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda…and Life Still Goes On…

Type of Relationship: An Affair of the Heart Status: Providing Inspiration to others I think a defining moment in one’s life comes the instant we realize what we could have had. Not that it makes us who we are or that we should spend our lives beating ourselves up over it; however, when these moments […]

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The Secret of Crying: How to Release your Tears

“I can’t cry.” After our first article on this subject, The 7 Benefits of Crying after Heartbreak, we were flooded with this reaction. Guess what? Everyone cries. The difference is that some tears are eager to climb over our bottom lids while others stay shackled inside. If your tears repeatedly fall into the latter category, […]

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