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When Your Heart & Mind Disagree About The Break-Up

You are sitting with your cell phone staring at a text message you wrote to your ex hours ago. You debate whether to send it or not. You stare at your phone while your mind tells you to have more respect for yourself. You logically understand that sending the message is not going to make […]

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The Haze After A Break Up – Video Tip

After your break up, do you feel as if you are walking around in a haze? Do you feel that nothing really holds much meaning any more? We go through phases after a break up. I don’t prescribe to the theory that we all go through the same 5 groups of emotions (shock, denial, anger […]

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In the beginning, I ran from his pursuit

Type of Relationship: Dating Status: Left with no explanation My ex and I separated in 2002. We divorced in 2004. Since then, I had not been in a relationship and I admit most of it was due to fear. I have met some people, had casual affairs but no one I really trusted my heart […]

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