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Start Here: 15 Healing Steps

How long will it be before you can get through your daily routine without feeling the wave of pain sweep over you, without sensing that knot in the pit of your stomach, and without dwelling on what went wrong? If these are some of the questions you are asking yourself, you are not alone. A […]

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Change Has Come a Knockin’ – Let Her In and Embrace Her

I was once told that if you are not on the right path in your life (job, marriage, etc.), the universe will tap you on the shoulder. This tap is received in the form of clues like your boss being difficult or fighting with your mate. If you ignore the tap on the shoulder, you […]

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The Right to Choose: Making Choices (Part I)

Let’s start with a multiple choice question: What would you do if you fell and broke your arm? A)    Take two Tylenol and call it a day B)    Pray to God that the pain subsides C)    Go to the hospital and have it set in a cast D)    Have your dog lick the wound E)    […]

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Embrace Your Change Form

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