How To Curb Communication With Your Ex

Curbing your communication with your ex may be one of the most difficult transitions after a break up. If you share a home, workspace, or children, this can be an even greater challenge; however, it’s worth a try. A little space from your ex can provide tremendous benefits including a real kick start to your healing process. If you’ve had trouble going cold turkey or even reducing the amount of times you contact (or want to contact) your ex, this video can help.

Do you still communicate with your ex? Leave a comment and share your story. If you’re hurting from your break up, many have found Step to Heal to relieve their pain.

3 thoughts on “How To Curb Communication With Your Ex”

  1. I do not communicate with him as he fell out with my family and until the case is over I have been advised to have no contact and so has he.

  2. Not talking to him has been the hardest part. He was/is my best friend…I think losing a best friend has been equally as hard as losing a boyfriend (fiance) actually. In any case, I’m happy I stumbled on this community.

  3. Yes, I still speak to her and every time I do, I feel bad, but I can’t help myself sometimes! Thanks for the tips…helpful.

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