Surmount Your Challenge with the Power of Example

Wow, is it already the end of October?

The week has finally arrived and I am very excited! I am involved in a book project that is extremely relevant to the Heal My Broken Heart community. I have joined 37 men and women as a contributing writer to Overcomers, Inc., True Stories of Hope, Courage and Inspiration and beyond a shadow of a doubt, this is one of the most inspirational books you can add to your personal library.

This isn’t some pie-in-the-sky “think happy thoughts and life is wonderful” book. Much like the steps provided on this site, each chapter offers practical success principles to help you know how to walk through life’s toughest situations. The best part? When you get the book today through the link seen below, you also receive dozens of bonus gifts that will continue to inspire you. In fact, we are including the 75-page Heal My Broken Heart ebook as a bonus with the book!

The goal for myself and the other authors is that Overcomers Inc. be read by thousands of people around the world. Our message is simple, yet profound: life can be tough, but with the right tools we can get to the other side of virtually anything.

Get your copy of Overcomers Inc. and bonuses:


Get your copy of this inspirational book and bonuses from over 95 experts right here:

4 thoughts on “Surmount Your Challenge with the Power of Example”

  1. Sunder – thanks! It’s a great project. Look at what Lorraine Cohen, Spiritual Life Coach & Advisor, Speaker, Broadcaster said about it:

    “At a time in the world when so many people are feeling fear about their future and questioning their faith, Overcomers, Inc. comes as a Divine answer, reminding us that when faced with what seems to be insurmountable odds, miracles occur when we approach life with a loving, open and courageous heart. After reading each story, you cannot help being transformed in some way. This is one book you’ll keep by your nightstand for when you need a dose of hope and inspiration!”

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