Step to Heal Testimonials

Each week I receive words of kindness from members of the Step to Heal program. Thank you all very much for sharing your strength – you are an inspiration to every person seeking a better, brighter path after a break-up. ~Love & Light, Amelie Chance

“Your program is brilliant – I’ve experienced peace in my heart and I can ‘feel’ the healing taking place already. Like you, I’ve read all the self-help books I could get my hands on; I’m an adult educator myself, and this is the best program I have ever experienced.”
“Not to often in this life do you encounter someone who actually touches your soul. To just say thank you does not seem quite enough. You have done more for me already than I could of possibly hoped for. God Bless you.” -J.R.
“There is no doubt that you have a heart for the broken hearted otherwise you would not be willing to sacrifice your career, energy, resources or time to help others survive the pain of lost love. You will never know in this lifetime the number of lives you have been able to strengthen or restore. Again thank you, and yet that seems so insignificant to say to someone who truly cares.” -D
“I just wanted you to know that I am extremely grateful for your efforts to create the step by step healing program. I feel like you are guiding me through the process with your wonderful spirit of genuine compassion. I know this may strange, but I prayed and prayed, and continue to pray for God to help me. At times I felt there was not enough time in my life left to heal this broken heart of mine. I asked for comfort, a miracle, an angel, and any kind of a sign that made me feel I was not alone. I have been so terribly lonely and sad. To have to start a whole new life at 57 was the shock of my life. A day or two after some of my darkest moments and hours I somehow ended up at your web site. This to me was the comfort I was looking for at this time. Even though I am only 2 months from this shock…I am going to make it, and do it in months not years.” -J
“I’ve been taking Step to Heal for several days…I have to tell you that every lesson is helping so far – I know I can get better. I am not so jealous anymore and do not bear resentment. I know I can move forward by pursuing things in my life that I ignored before. Thank you for your help again.”-Al
“Thank you so much for the lessons that I have read and reread over and over. You are so wise in what you suggest to get over the end of a relationship and heal my heart. I was just going over the lessons again and had to drop you a note. It is work in progress. Slow but moving forward. I now see light at the end of the tunnel and feel so much better. You have wonderful website and I am glad that someone or something led me to it. Thank you for the work that you do. It truly works.” -L.U.
“I’ve been going through your lessons and your advice on healing, and honestly, I can’t find an appropriate way to thank you. Thank you for showing me that there are people, not just including you, that care. Thank you for showing me that allowing pain to interfere with my life isn’t a sign of weakness, but rather something that is permissible and expected. I was in danger of myself after someone whom I love very deeply decided to walk away and place the blame on me, and I let the pain change who I am and take precedence over everything in my life. You helped me move away from that. I can tell that you live for others, and that fact alone makes me respect you to no end. Thank you.” -S
“I just read through your website and am very encouraged and uplifted. Thank you for sharing your insight and information with us heartbroken souls.” – D.A.
“It takes an experienced teacher who herself has been a student before being able to guide her students through their academic challenges; that is just what you have done for me and the countless others and I am grateful for all your efforts.” -C.A.
“I am so happy that I found your site. It has helped me. I am not healed yet, but you have given me, if not just a tiny bit, a start to try and think in a different way. I hope it will get better, and I will continue believing so. Your site is different, its honest and I have never regretted spending my money on it.”
“I am grateful that I found your website and enrolled in Step to Heal. I was in the dumps before. I still have those moments, but I know that this too shall pass. My head tells me that the break-up was the rationale thing to do. My heart tells me otherwise. Blessings.” ~R.
“I wanted to thank you for putting your program together. It is so so helpful beyond words…”-J.M.
“I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have created here to help me, and others, with our broken hearts. I appreciate everything! and after I took that survey and read my analysis I was crying through the whole thing, it was dead on on how I am feeling and everything I have been dealing with. I look forward to my start in step to heal. Again thank you so very much!”-A.B.
“I truly think I have forgiven my heart enough and am ready to forget. 😀 your part in this is not taken for granted as it has made me realize there is much more to life than sadness and despair for someone who will never feel the same about you. Thankfully, I’m young enough to learn this now.”-E.J.
“Everyday for the past week, all I do is look at my phone to check if he called 24/7. But instead, I stumble upon your emails and program in the middle of the night. Receiving your advice day by day, I felt like you were walking me thru it…I felt like you were next to me, telling me that I will be okay. A week has past and now I’m glad that I went on your website – I feel much much better. I’m happy that there are people like you that try to help others. You are a lifesaver.” -Christie
“In just a few words, let me say thank you very much. All the lessons I read and watched them – I feel a shift. Thank you once again.” -D
“Oh my gosh, I need to THANK YOU! Your help was invaluable. I have been grieving for a year pretty much non stop, and you were a big help. God bless you for what you lend people, and what you give of your heart.” -J.P.
“Thank you Amelie for everything! These past few weeks have been a nightmare full of hurt, and no sleep but something with a mixture of your lessons and personal experiences have let me know that I’m not alone!; that it’s okay because in the end I will meet someone worthy of my love. God bless you so much!!!” -T
“Thank you very much , your lessons have enlightened me , opened up another perspective for me to look at the problem. Hope your journey of helping others continues for a long time.” -N.G.
“I just want to convey to you a heartfelt thanks for dedicating your life to this mission of helping others learn to cope with the overwhelming loss that can be experienced in break-ups. I am 48 years old and never thought I would be in the situation I find myself in. I was desperate to figure out how to cope with the anguish I was experiencing. I just did a simple search and found your survey, and took the few minutes to take it, I was really surprised you didn’t respond with the cookie cutter answers or solutions I expected. I then enrolled in Step to Heal and was really impressed. Just want you to know your work is not in vain. You are really helping people. And you will be happy to know I passed your site on to others that were experiencing the same thing at the same time and they were grateful also.” -B
“I’d like to thank this opportunity to thank you for healing me and comforting me. I honestly thought I was alone in this. All my friends have their own problems no one was there to listen, but you were there. It’s been a very tough road for me losing my partner for 3 years, I thought he was my soul mate but I was wrong. Thank you so much I’m getting there day by day, and I can see the light.” -S.S.
“I can’t describe what I have felt inside to anyone. It has been such emptiness that I have never experienced in my life. Going through the program has given me tremendous comfort…just to know that somebody understands me helps. I hear the same comments from everyone – ‘just move on’ or ‘time heals everything’ – that my heart just cant understand. You have given me hope and strength, and I don’t know how to thank you for that. God bless you always.”-C.I.
“I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Your words helped me keep my head up and I’ve never felt such an overwhelming feeling of everything will be okay in my life. Thank you …”
“Your Step to Heal program has given me the courage I need to end a marriage that was not good for me. I have been feeling so much shame because it is my third marriage. But your program has helped me realize that there are many others who are suffering from broken hearts, and I too can heal. So I thank you as I start out on my steps to heal even as I take steps to end this very unhealthy relationship so that I can live a happy life, with or without a partner.” -B.A.
“For a perfect stranger, you have made me feel like I can wake up in the morning and actually want to keep going. This heartache is clearly a horrible position for me or for anyone to be in, however the saying that “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” is so true. I thought this breakup was going to take over my life, take control of my inner being and flood me with misery… Needless to say it most certainly did not… Or at least not anymore… It’s been a little over 2 months since the breakup. My whole life has changed in so many ways, from moving to a new home, saying bye to the past and moving forward. I am happy. I AM happy. It feels so good to say that with 100% honesty, so Amelie, thank you. Thank you so much.” -M.M.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have had the courage to tap into your strength and walk toward the next bright chapter in life; you are all truly an inspiration for all of us.

If you are still hurting from your break up and looking for a way to alleviate the pain, check out the Step to Heal community. We would love to help you on the journey toward your better, brighter experience ahead.

Love & Light,