Blubber it all out: The 7 Benefits of Crying after Heartbreak

cryingTrue Story…

My boss glanced at the space on my shirt where I had failed to replace a fallen button. Appearance was just another casualty of my broken heart. I tried to redirect his attention with questions about the upcoming sales meeting, but then it happened. Without forewarning, the waterworks began. That’s right – I was at work, in my boss’ office when I started bawling like a little girl.

I extended my left arm awkwardly for some tissue and happened to knock over a pile of documents tagged with a post-it that literally read: “Important Docs”. The tears fell harder. I finally ended up on one knee trying to scrape the papers off the ground along with what little was left of my dignity.

I looked up thru the tears and squeaked, “I’m so sorry. I’ll pull it together.”

Not breaking his look of awe through the entire scene, I truly expected he would fire me. Instead, my boss offered one of the most critical lessons I have learned on the road to recovery. He said, “Do me a favor, Amelie – don’t pull it together. In fact, go ahead and blubber it all out.

So, I say to all of you – Blubber it all out!

Do not apologize for your tears and do not be afraid of your tears as they are protecting

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The Secret of Crying: How to Release your Tears

teardrop“I can’t cry.”

After our first article on this subject, The 7 Benefits of Crying after Heartbreak, we were flooded with this reaction. Guess what? Everyone cries. The difference is that some tears are eager to climb over our bottom lids while others stay shackled inside. If your tears repeatedly fall into the latter category, you may suffer from the notion that crying indicates weakness. Other factors that hinder a true release of tears include insufficient role models and lack of practice. In all of these cases, there is still hope that you can learn to cry. Letting your tears loose is an important part of the healing process, so give the techniques below a whirl.

The secret to crying is the production of physical tears. As opposed to sitting down and trying to make yourself cry, let’s simply aim to get the salty secretion to start. The purpose of this method is to fool your body into believing you are crying which will quickly guide you into a genuine cry. You see, your body cannot distinguish between a contrived tear and one that is produced naturally; therefore, when you start tearing, it builds the momentum that leads to a true emotional release. After the tearing begins, you will continue using visualization and eventually you’ll be in the midst of some serious water works. Enough talk – let’s cry!

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