Change Has Come a Knockin’ – Let Her In and Embrace Her

changeI was once told that if you are not on the right path in your life (job, marriage, etc.), the universe will tap you on the shoulder. This tap is received in the form of clues like your boss being difficult or fighting with your mate. If you ignore the tap on the shoulder, you will receive an even stronger nudge such as warnings about your job performance or a betrayal in the relationship. If you continue to ignore the messages, you’ll eventually get a kick in the gut.

Your heart being broken is a kick in the gut. It is painful and unwelcome, but the universe is telling you it has a different plan for you – another life experience for you to embrace. At this point, your instincts may tell you that you are not ready to read this article. I think you should. This post is about change.

I want to explain to you how to embrace the current change in your life. If you pick up any book, visit any site, or talk to any relationship expert about getting over break up, change is generally the last step offered, if at all. Stages like denial, anger, tears, blame, bargaining, and realization are addressed first. However, if you set your sight towards the change to come early in the process (now), you will open yourself up to the healing process.

Let’s begin with any indications that you had that your relationship was not working. For those of you who were taken by complete surprise or found the break up to be a shock

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The Right to Choose: Making Choices (Part I)


Let’s start with a multiple choice question: What would you do if you fell and broke your arm?

A)    Take two Tylenol and call it a day
B)    Pray to God that the pain subsides
C)    Go to the hospital and have it set in a cast
D)    Have your dog lick the wound
E)    Ignore it

I assume most people would choose C) – go to the hospital to have it set in a cast. But what if you didn’t make that choice? What if you hate the hospital or love your dog or don’t believe in western medicine? The answer: you would still heal. Time heals. The difference is in how you heal. If you left your broken arm unattended, the split pieces would eventually reunite. The consequence is that the bones may reset improperly leaving you with a permanently mangled appendage.  Your heart works in the same way.

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