The Science

Research from the field of positive psychology has laid the foundation for the HealMyBrokenHeart philosophy and programs. Positive psychology offers a balance to traditional psychology by going on beyond disease and disorder to focus on human strengths. In other words, instead of continually asking “what is wrong” with you, positive psychology examines “what is right” and what is going well. Thus the healing process focuses on techniques to both reduce pain, anxiety, loneliness, and emptiness while also increasing hope, optimism, fulfillment, and meaning in one’s life.

Resilience – 
more than childhood experiences, genetics, and environmental factors, resilience is a function of the way we process adversity. In other words, perspective makes a big difference in your ability to bounce back. Learn research-based methods to overcome challenges here.

compassionSelf-compassion –
when something goes wrong in life, it has become customary to beat oneself up over it. Unfortunately, self-criticism doesn’t get anyone closer to their goals, and research supports this notion. Being kind and understanding to YOURSELF is incredibly important during this time of healing. You will learn practices to do so here.

neuroscienceNeuroscience –
cutting-edge brain science reveals that the brain can be affected by experience and thoughts. The way you think during this time of healing can actually help ease your pain. Practices such as meditation can affect your brain structure and facilitate healing.

practicePractice – 
HealMyBrokenHeart is a forum which offers both heartfelt and practical advice. It is our hope that you will find what resonates with you and apply the techniques to your life.
[divider_flat]Find out more about the Step to Heal program which infuses all of the science above by clicking here.

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